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Your website is the ultimate content platform.

Your website is so much more than just a digital storefront. It is a search tool that can be used to get in front of potential customers who are searching for your product or service. With proper coding you increase the chances of showing up in search engine results and engaging the customers that want or need your product or service.

Here are a few basic questions from Google to ask yourself about your website.

  • Is my website showing up on Google?
  • Do I serve high-quality content to users?
  • Is my local business showing up on Google?
  • Is my content fast and easy to access on all devices?
  • Is my website secure?

Which store would you prefer to shop in?

Being the ultimate content platform, your website should be...

  • Professionally Designed
  • Engaging
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Call to Action Oriented
  • Safe & Secure
  • Search Engine Optimized

Your website MUST be Search Engine Optimized!

Listed below is the process search engines use to rank websites. Optimizing your website for this process is often referred to as SEO.


The first step is finding out what pages exist on the web. There isn’t a central registry of all web pages, so Google must constantly search for new pages and add them to its list of known pages. This process of discovery is called crawling.


After a page is discovered, Google tries to understand what the page is about. This process is called indexing. Google analyzes the content of the page, catalogs images and video files and tries to understand the page. This information is stored in the Google index, a huge database stored in many, many (many!) computers.

Serving (and ranking)

When a user types a search query, Google determines the highest quality answers that will provide the best user experience and most appropriate answer. Google considers the user’s location, language, and device. Google doesn’t accept payment to rank pages higher, and ranking is done programmatically.

Before Search Almighty

After Search Almighty

Before Search Almighty

After Search Almighty